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Spark spontaneity in virtual interactions

Want to keep remote workers engaged and bring distributed teams closer together?

Use Joinera to design unique spaces where teams can gather, get creative, collaborate and form genuine human connections, from anywhere. 

Joinera is an immersive, avatar-based platform that gives users freedom to move around on their own, watch talks and presentations, play games, share progress and inspiration, celebrate achievements, create together using online collaboration tools and interact much like they would in real life. 

remote team meeting in virtual office headquarters
Man building custom virtual company headquarters

Design a space that's true to your brand

Joinera is fully customizable. That means your virtual work space can be so much more than the same old office. So feel free to unleash your creativity and let the imagination soar. 

Cultivate workplace relationships, nurture company loyalty and bring remote teams closer together

woman and man from remote team completing a teambuilding quest together
  • Support engagement and interactivity

  • Transfer offline interactions to an immersive virtual space

  • Ease Zoom/Teams fatigue and keep things interesting

  • Provide opportunities to gather, socialize and play

  • Design spaces for creative collaboration and out of the box thinking

  • Bring authentic human interactions online

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Use Cases


Hiring/Job Fairs

Hiring remote talent? Organize a virtual hiring fair and save time and resources. Provide an interactive company presentation and meet potential candidates “face to face”, from anywhere you like.

Expert Community Meetups

Keep employees on top of their game by inviting experts to introduce new trends. share revolutionary concepts or expand on best industry practices in a fun, interactive and engaging format.

Assesment Centers

Learn more about candidates' skills and get to know them better using an online assesment center. 

The interactivity, freedom to move & form teams, one-on-one or group discussion and real collaboration that Joinera offers will help you pick the best contenders, anytime, from anywhere.

Open Door Days

Stand out in today’s war for talent right from the get-go. Capture potential candidates’ attention by introducing them to your own custom-built world. Literally walk contenders through your corporate history, showcase your company culture in style and get to know job-seekers on a personal level, even if they’re countries away. Our interactive and playful interface will help you deliver a truly unique experience they won’t soon forget.


New-hire Induction Day

Did you know that new employees are at an increased risk of feeling Imposter Syndrome and feeling like they don’t belong in their new company? And those feelings only increase if an employee is hired and works remotely.

Take charge of new employee induction and make new comers feel like a part of the team from the very start with the help of a fun and interactive remote newbie Induction Day.

New-hire Association

Bring new employees from various departments together and allow them to meet and form their own community where they can learn together, support each other another, share new experiences and have someone to talk to before they manage to create bonds with the old-timers. 

Learning & Development


Large webinars with hundreds of participants tend to be passive and disengaged, with attendees switching to taking care of emails or handling other tasks. Create dynamic engagement by giving participants freedom to move around, talk one-on-one, form teams or take part in interactive activities to complement the lecture.


Imagine a workshop where a trainer can address everyone or walk around and talk to a small group of participants or one on one. With workshops in Joinera, trainers can even watch attendees complete their tasks and help them on the spot . Perhaps the only thing that’s missing is a shared lunch, although where there's a will... 

Lunch & Learn

Speaking of lunch - why not bring people together for lunch, breakfast or a snack, combined with a discussion or presentation on any topic of choice? It can be work related, someone’s hobby, a hot topic that would be THE TOPIC in the employee canteen or anything else.

Experience sharing sessions

Retrospectives, experience sharing or any other team, division or company-wide meetings are not just valuable tools that are becoming standard in the modern workplace, but also extremely prone to a sense disconnect if they are not interactive. Luckily, you have the tools to change that at your fingertips.


Hackathon are a great instrument, not just for tech teams, but any teams addressing a topic that requires creative solutions, a combination of skills and collaboration among people from across the company, wherever they may be. Give colleagues the space to mingle, form teams, combine communication formats such as group work and open discussion, give presentations or just chilling during the breaks.

Daily company life

Special events like F*ck up nights

There are countless ways to bring colleagues together to bond with the company, even if they work remotely or as part of a virtual team. Anniversaries, parties, success celebrations, you name it. And it can all be fun, interactive and engaging, regardless of distance.

Internal communities & Social meet-ups

Don’t forget about internal communities, where colleagues can bond over shared interests and past-times. Give similarly-minded employees a place to meet, play and talk about interests that go way beyond spreadsheets and quarterly reports - breakfast, snack, coffee, drink or an evening beer or game night. Remember, building lasting bonds that keep a remote company culture thriving requires bringing in a bit of playfulness and unstructured fun.

All-staff or town hall meetings

The more distributed the teams are, the more important it is to communicate key information. Keeping people engaged and connected online can be a real challenge, so why not get closer to the way you would connect offline? Let people chat in small groups or one on one, host live Q&A sessions or facilitate follow-up discussions with individual board members.

Sales & Marketing

Expert conference

Joinera can be used for much more than just employee engagement!

Organize a conference for your clients and bring them together inside a customized virtual world for a day of learning, insight, networking and business. 

The benefits of taking your conference online include lower costs, access to data analytics, connection to speakers and visitors from anywhere on Earth, time & cost savings and comfort.

Leverage unrivaled interactivity, participant autonomy and other features tak take these events to a whole different level.

Customer community meetup

All of us are striving for greater customer loyalty and engagement - one of the best ways to get it is by creating a community where members can connect!

Why not use Joinera to provide an attractive and engaging virtual space where your clients can meet, talk about your product and build their own network?

Product launch

Want to bring clients together to showcase your new product? Help them (and yourself!) save time and money on travel, accommodation and production costs. Organize an exclusive virtual event  

Motivate clients to attend your events by saving them the time and money involved. You can provide almost every aspect of a physical event in the virtual space and gain valuable data in the process.

& many more

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