Make your remote hiring an
unforgettable experience

Joinera is an immersive platform that brings people together in engaging online spaces.

Why joinera?

Make your remote hiring pop

Showcase company culture inside your very own virtual world
Test candidate skills through individual and/or team activities
Meet candidates “face to face”
Share videos, presentations, surveys and more
Create customized candidate quests for specific positions
And more!

Feeling distance and a lack of engagement when hiring remotely?

Bring the human touch back to online interactions. Energize virtual teams and breathe new life into remote collaboration with Joinera.

Create truly unique, immersive candidate experiences they won’t forget. 

Our Accomplishments

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Cinzia Gussoni

"It gave us a chance to interact in a completely different way, giving a feeling of a fresh and modern approach to our hiring event candidates. And I must admit, it was also a lot of fun!"

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Cinzia Gussoni (Strategy Lead Innotech)

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Markéta Polková

"Networking is key for the Czechitas community. Joinera has helped us take networking into the virtual space and expand our horizons. That is why we keep coming back."

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Markéta Polková (Czechitas Job Fair Product Owner)

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Petr Ondráček

"Putting on events for our globally distributed employees in Joinera has always been a successful and refreshing experience. Our events have even inspired our colleagues in the Volkswagen Group to try it for themselves."

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Petr Ondráček (Company Strategy and Innovation Manager)

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